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Thank you for your order for the Angel Visions programme. Just before you complete your order, I would like to offer you another couple of ways in which you can further develop your angel connection. These optional extras can help to further accelerate your angel development.

There are two very special ‘upgrades’ that you can take, if you wish, for a small additional cost, and make savings on booking them separately.

I recently conducted two Online Angel Workshops. In these workshops I describe the techniques I use to connect and work more closely with angels, archangels, ascended masters and higher beings. Full 90 minute recordings of these two workshops are available that you can use to develop your angel connections even further. When combined with the Angel Visions programme, these workshops will give you a more complete understanding of how you can work with angels and higher beings for daily guidance, wisdom and inspiration. All you need to enjoy these workshops is a PC or laptop computer with speakers and broadband connection.


This online workshop is for anyone who would like to improve their life, by connecting with angels, receiving healing, new energies, clarifying their path and direction in life, and receive angelic guidance and messages to help you too. It is a powerful workshop. I don’t just talk about these things, I guide you through various exercises and angel meditations to receive all of the above.

The workshop explains how to:

Clarify what you wish to create in your life

Clarify your life path and direction

Clarify any blocks or issues that are holding you back, and learn how to resolve them

Receive angelic healing and powerful new energies to enhance your life

Receive angelic guidance about problems and other areas of your life


This advanced workshop is for those who feel a connection to higher beings, have had extra-ordinary spiritual experiences and gifts, and want to find out why – where are they leading? What are you supposed to do?

The workshop covers:

An overview of Masters and Higher Beings here to help us

Connecting with Higher Energies - Receiving transmissions of light and higher energies

Meeting with higher beings – receiving guidance at a higher level

Learning that are you here on Earth to do

Learning how to play your part in helping the world

Each workshop is valued at £35 ($55) but I would like to offer you discounted prices if you upgrade as part of you order for Angel Visions.

And don’t forget you’ll receive the bonus meditation with Michelle Mayur and the Balance of Life Assessment whichever package you choose.


Click to order Angel Visions with Upgrade 1 (Transform Your Life Workshop)

Normally £54.99 together - Launch offer price £34 (approx $54)

Click to order Angel Visions with Upgrade 2 (Higher Energies Workshop)

Normally £54.99 together - Launch offer price £34 (approx $54)

Click to order Angel Visions with BOTH Upgrades

Normally £89.99 together - Launch offer price £47 (approx $74)

Click to order Angel Visions without Upgrades

Meditation and Assessment included – Launch offer price £19.99 (approx $33)


These products are digital downloads. We’ll email links to the products to you along with details of the upgrades if you order them.

All payments are taken through PayPal – a secure online payment system. We never see your credit card details. You DO NOT need a PayPal account to make payment – just follow the link marked ‘Don’t have a PayPal account?’after checkout to make a one-off payment by credit or debit card. Your payment details are totally secure – we never see your credit card details.

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