See Into Your Future

Would you like to see into your future? To discover and experience how amazing and joyful your life could be? Imagine the kind of gifts and insights that would be available to you:

You could receive an angel vision to guide your life forward

Discover which career or path is right for you

Receive guidance about your life path and purpose

Receive angelic guidance about any area of your life – health, work, relationships, spiritual growth, developing your gifts – so that you make the right choices in life

Glimpse the possibilities for your life – where it is leading

Be shown the right path and the way forward for your life

Feel excited, energised, motivated about your future and blessed, for you know it has been divinely guided and you are on the right path

Well now you can experience all of these with the Angel Visions initiative. I have been writing and teaching about angels and angelic guidance for more than a decade and my aim is to inspire  people to receive guidance about their lives, directly from the angels. I seek to spread this message so that many others around the world may also have their own guiding star to lead, inspire and show them the way. Would you like to be one of the first to receive an angel vision to guide your life?

Angel Visions has been inspired by the angels to enable you to receive divine inspiration to help answer your questions and guide your life. In the traditional story of Christmas, three wise men followed a bright star. It led them to their destiny. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, especially during these rapidly changing times, we each had our own guiding star, to lead us, give us hope and show us the way?

Lost at Sea, or a Beacon of Light?

We live in a rapidly changing world. No more do we tend to simply have one career  – we must constantly change, grow, adapt, make new choices and decisions about our life. Which path should we follow? Which career should we pursue next? Where should we go? What should we do next?

Then there are our changing personal circumstances too – leaving a job, moving house, getting married, children growing up and leaving home, spiritual development and discovery of new gifts, preparing to retire. And there are the challenges of creating and maintaining happy relationships, dealing with illness and bereavement, job loss. Sometimes it feels endless, doesn’t it. We have so many choices to make in life – how do we ensure that we make the right choices each time? Even when our life is stable, we still want hope, guidance, and clarity about how to IMPROVE our lives, and those of our family.

So many choices. So many decisions to be constantly made. It is so easy to delay making those choices, or make the wrong choices, and suffer the consequences. It can sometimes feel like we are lost in a fog, all at sea without a rudder or sail, being tossed and turned by the wind and sea and the elements. Without hope or direction.

Where can we turn to for help in making the right choices? This is one story about how an angel vision can have life-changing consequences:

Julie was considering moving house, but she did not know where to move to. During her angel vision, she saw her dream home – a lovely property with good size garden, backing onto some woods. With her two dogs and love of walking in woods, it would be perfect for her. A couple of weeks later, while driving locally, she took a wrong turn and ‘got lost’. Then she ‘just happened’ to drive past the exact same property as in her vision. She couldn’t believe it! And what’s more, it was up for sale! She knew she had been guided by her angels to this property. Within 9 months she had bought the property and moved in (and is very happy there), especially knowing that she was divinely guided to this home.

Angelic Visions

In my ongoing quest to help people find answers, the angels asked me to create this new ‘Angel Visions’ package – to help you receive the visions, answers and direction you need. The angels love us and are here to guide us and help us, if we let them.

This is especially true in these transformational times of 2012 and beyond, the dawning of a new golden age, when so many of us feel we are being guided to something new (yet we may not know what). The angels want to help guide us and show us the way. Allowing the angels to guide us ensures that we are led to the right path. They can help to lead us to a better life for ourselves, our loved ones, and for the highest good of others and the planet too. Many of us are being guided to do important healing and other service work for the world. Angel Visions allows you to receive the light you need to guide you in the right direction with your path, as well as with all the other important matters along the way. Angel Visions is a beautiful way in which the angels can show their love for us, and show us the way. When you receive an angelic vision, it is wonderous! You will feel loved, grateful and blessed! Imagine knowing what your future can be like, and feeling excited and motivated by it?

So many people ask me about their direction and life purpose. Imagine if you saw a vision of your future which you KNEW to be right for you, and which inspired you – wouldn’t that be life-changing?

I am going to share with you techniques and meditations which will enable you to do just that, with the blessings of the angels. It is like having your very own crystal ball!

Why are the angels making this possible?

God and the angels recognise that many of you are seeking guidance, direction for your life, a sense of purpose, to know ‘where you are heading’. The angels are happy to provide this in many ways (these are but one method, receiving visions in your dreams or during meditation, or channelled messages, are but some of the other ways). They also wish to offer you hope and inspiration, to lift your spirits.

On a practical note, if you have a sense of your future, then it will be easier for you to make the right decisions and choices to lead you there. As you are here to contribute to the world, to play your part in building a better world, the angels WANT you to fulfil your mission, and are here to guide and help you. Many people tell me that they feel that there is ‘something more’ they are supposed to do with their lives, and don’t want to die without having found and accomplished it. Others simply wish to know the next steps for their lives. Either can be answered through these methods.

I am passionate about sharing this work, as I have seen first hand the difference and imporvements it has made to my own life, and those of my clients. I want to share this with you, so that you can receive all the benefits too.

The importance of this work

By allowing ourselves to receive a vision of ourselves in a good future, it offers hope, direction, guidance and inspiration to our lives.

Who in their lives at some point has not asked themselves “which path should I take next?”

Angel Visions provide fast, clear, inspirational answers. They are particularly helpful when others around you may not understand you or share your aspirations. Where else can you go for guidance? A good friend? A counsellor? That are not many places we can turn to when we need guidance. The help of the angels is invaluable at such times, to make sure that we choose the right path, and not the wrong choices. Angel Visions are an excellent way to receive such angel guidance.

So these angel visions and exercises will:

Bring you rapid help, hope, guidance, direction and clarity and inspiration about your life

Offer guidance and revelations about your path and purpose here

Show you the way forward for your life, both generally, and/or in specific areas (such as health, career, relationships. life path)

Raise your sights – inspire you!

Tap into motivating energies which help your life, success and happiness

Help you to create a better future (for you, others and the world).

Historically, many people have gone to fortune tellers for insights about their future. (Clients tell me that some are good, some are not). However, with my help you can receive the guidance for yourself. When you experience the vision yourself, it carries far greater energy and impact. You know it comes from your heart – genuine and authentic.

Accelerating your progress

Your angel visions will also give you ideas that you may never have received before, which help you make progress faster and more easily. A short cut to your future that will save a lot of unnecessary time, struggle, effort and money!

Living with hope, clarity, clear direction and inspiration is far preferable to stumbling around lost in the dark, frustrated, and not knowing which way to turn. That is why this work is so valuable.

“We angels are here to guide and assist your lives. We are here to lead you to a better future, for yourselves, for others, and for the planet. Providing ongoing incremental help each step of the way is our joy to be of service. We also love to share with you inspiration, in various ways, to help guide you and inspire you. Pointing you in the right direction can save you (and us!) much work. It can also make your life much easier, more magical and more enjoyable. That is why we are pleased to assist with these angel visions, at the right time”

What questions would you like answered?

My experience with many people over the years has shown that there are some common questions that most people ask at some time. Angel Visions will help answer all of these questions:

What is the right path and direction for my life?

Which career should I follow?

Which courses should I study?

How can I best develop and expand my gifts, my work, and my contribution to the world?

What do God and the angels want me to do with my life?

Where should I move to?

When and how will I meet my ideal partner?

When and how will I return to full health?

What are the right choices for myself and my family

Which questions would YOU like to ask? With the Angel Visions package you can start discovering answers to these, and many other questions RIGHT NOW!

Look at how angel visions have helped guide others…

Steve had been struggling to develop his consulting and coaching business in the UK. He was frustrated, and also lonely after his divorce. He had been on many dates, without finding a suitable new partner. He wondered whether he was pursuing the right path? During his angel vision, he saw himself living in California, close to the sea, working in a modern building – some sort of group practice and community centre – and living with an attractive tall, brown haired woman. He also sensed that he would be offered an opportunity to join some group practice with an innovative approach to serving clients and the wider community. Steve told me had had previously thought about moving to the USA, and had been pondering how he could take his work out into the community and start community projects. He also liked the idea of being part of a practice group, rather than working on his own. The vision appealed to him enormously, on many levels. It also explained why he was not succeeding in the UK, if he was supposed to be in the US! Sure enough, within 9 months, by some amazing ‘co-incidences’, he received an offer to join such a group in California, and moved out there. The vision spared him much wasted effort and frustration in the UK, answered his questions, gave him hope and inspiration, and showed him the way.

Suzy was a successful business woman and single mum. She had become interested in spirituality, and had studied various forms of healing. She also had two very spiritually gifted children, who needed special care. She became dissatisfied with her professional career, and wondered what should she do next? She thought about setting up her own healing practice, offering advice to parents of other spiritually gifted children, offering courses to help gifted children, writing books or articles, business coaching. She had too many ideas, and none of them resonated fully or felt right. She was tired of her current work and keen to change, but where to begin?

During her angel vision she saw herself up on a stage speaking to a large room full of a hundred or so people. She looked and saw that these were business people (mostly women). She gradually became aware that she was speaking to them about both being successful, AND having a balanced home life, and supporting their families and children too. She realised that this talk was a launch platform for her business. Afterwards she realised that the vision had shown her the way – she could do coaching for business women, to help them be more successful, AND maintain balance and quality of life, and support their (especially spiritually gifted) children too. This could include offering healing, and parental guidance about gifted children as part of her work. She had the business background and the skills and contacts to make this happen – it suited her perfectly. Once again, the brief angel vision solved her dilemma and showed her the way forward for her life.

These brief examples show how receiving an angel vision can answer your most important questions, and show you the way forward for your life. The angels WANT to guide you and show you the way. The angels have been guiding people for centuries, even as far back as the prophets…

St Paul had an awakening on the road to Damascas, which changed the course of his life. Moses encountered the burning bush and heard the voice of God. Mohammed was visited by the archangel Gabriel, who dictated the Koran to him. Now I don’t expect your angel vision to be as dramatic as theirs – the angel visions generally offer more down to earth practical guidance about different aspects of your life – but whatever your faith or beliefs, the angel vision course is designed to enable YOU to receive an inspirational angel vision (and often brief messages) to help guide your life. They will show the way to a better future.

The benefits for you and your future

So in summary, these powerful techniques enable you to:

Fast and easy way to receive angel visions to guide your life – a beacon of light to guide you.

Receive guidance about any or all areas of your life – career, relationships, health & wellbeing, children, life path and purpose – and so much more.

See into your possible future, to inspire you.

Discover the key steps that will help you get there.

Save time, money, frustration and wasted effort of being lost or confused, or by pursuing the wrong direction, wrong courses or wrong steps for your life.

Tap into the positive energies of success, happiness, fulfilment, to help you create and draw to you the life you want.

Receive guidance and encouragement.

Be filled with hope, clarity, positivity, inspiration, determination and energy.

Reduce or eliminate potentially troublesome problems.

Develop a happier, well balanced, perfect life for yourself.

Develop your personal gifts, along the right path, guided and blessed by God and the angels.

I have used these proven techniques successfully with clients and in workshops. I also use them very regularly in my work and my life –they have helped to guide and transform my life for the better over the years, so I can heartily recommend them, and know the difference they can make.

A lighthouse – a beacon of light to guide you safely to your destination.

Without answers, people can flounder for months or years, like a ship without a rudder, directionless, lost at sea in a fog, tossing and turning, blown this way and that way, never knowing when they might reach the safety of land again.

With Angel Visions and the answers it brings, it is like having your own lighthouse, emitting a beam of light to guide you safely to your destination. It’s a relatively small thing, but it can make a BIG difference to your life!

Imagine what your life would be like if you had answers and clarity, a clear direction, the next steps, guidance, positive energies to help draw what you want to you, potential problems reduced or removed from your path, and the clear knowledge that you are going in the right direction, with the blessing and support of God and the angels. Wouldn’t’ that be worth having? Wouldn’t that help you to make positive changes to your life?

Two unique guided visualisations.

The Angel Visions package consists of a workbook, with guidance, examples, meditations and worksheets, to enable you to receive inspiring angel visions to guide your life.

The course includes not one, but TWO proven and highly effective visualisations. These were channelled directly from the angels, and one of them has never been shared before with any of my clients or readers.

 Why 2 processes? Although either can give you the answers you seek, they each have certain advantages and benefits to using them. By giving you BOTH, I give you the best of both worlds, and enable you to receive much MORE guidance than with one alone.

Here, in essence, are the two processes.


This enables you to be guided by a powerful angel and receive an angelic vision in answer to your question. You see into your future – you see what is possible for you and your life. You return knowing the answer to your question, usually in awe and gratitude for what you have just seen. The vision can help guide you to what you desire and to what you now know is right for you. Of course, you still have to take action, but you will be guided. This vision can act as your guiding star, lighting your path and showing you the way. It provides the hope, clarity and guidance you need.


This simple, easy method enables you to travel forward in time to a point when everything in your life is working out beautifully. You get to see and experience this vision of all aspects of your life – career, work, home, money, social life, spiritual development – see where and how everything will be working out beautifully for you. Feel the enjoyment, satisfaction and energies of this ideal and successful stage of your life, to inspire you and help draw it to you. Explore how you achieved it, what key steps you took to get there, the key advice and encouragement you would like to give to the present day you to help you achieve this dream / vision for your life. You return full of hope, inspiration, clarity, and positive energy to help guide you forwards and develop your new and better ideal life.

You can also use this method to return to this point in your future again and again, to renew the uplifting positive energies and inspiration, to explore other aspects and questions, or even to go beyond this point and see what lies further ahead. It can be a source of constant inspiration.

But that is not all. You can also use this method to explore and remove possible problems and hurdles along your path. You can discover if they are big or small, what they are, and how to deal with them. You can also work with the angels to minimise or remove these potential problems. So you can use this method to help you smooth the path ahead and ensure you achieve your dreams more easily, saving you from potentially lengthy, frustrating and troublesome problems en route. That’s worth its weight in gold too, being spared all that negativity!

These two guided meditations, with accompanying workbook and work sheets, will enable YOU to receive the answers and guidance that you seek – a glimpse into your future – and more!

Your success is guaranteed – I WANT you to discover the answers to YOUR questions.

I enjoy using both of these methods regularly, and I am sure that you will too. They have made a huge difference to my life. I am so confident that this programme work for you that I am more than happy to offer you a no-quibble quarantee. Try Angel Visions for 30 days. If you are not delighted with the programme, or can honestly say that you have tried the exercises a few times and not received the answers you are seeking, then I will give you a full refund. I want you to be happy with this course and to enjoy all the benefits that these visions brings to your life.

And I’d like to go one step further with these two additional bonus gifts.


BONUS ONE – ‘Learning To Love, Divinely’ with Michelle Mayur

Michelle Mayur is a visionary leader, international speaker and the conscious entrepreneur creator of the Heal the Healer membership program. She has kindly offered one of her EIGHT STEPS TO CONSCIOUS LIVING audio meditations to everyone who tries the Angel Visions programme. This meditation is called Learning to Love, Divinely - which will help you experience unconditional love, anchor feelings of love into every cell of your body and trulylearn how to really love yourself and others. FREE with Angel Visions.

BONUS TWO – Improving Your Balance Of Life Assessment

It is important to achieve a certain level of balance and harmony in our life. It is vital for our happiness and satisfaction, good health and well-being. It is also important for our long term success in life – we cannot achieve long-term ongoing success, and be of support to others, if we neglect ourselves, and the other areas of life are falling into chaos.

This simple, yet amazingly powerful tool, helps you to achieve balance and harmony in life (which are actually the pillars of long term happiness and success). The assessment involves examining and exploring each aspect of your life using a special assessment table. This will give you a clear picture about where you are RIGHT NOW and identify areas that need improvement. Use this process to help you both improve and maintain ongoing balance in your life. It will help you live a happier and better balanced, more successful life. Yours FREE with the Angel Visions programme.

An investment in your future

In the past, many people have spent small fortunes visiting mediums and psychics. There are many gifted teachers in the world but can they really give you ALL the answers? The truth is that having your own direct connection with the angels – seeing, sensing and feeling the experience yourself, and knowing that it is right for you, is far more powerful and motivating than having someone else give you a message. And what’s more, once you have the Angel Visions package, you can use it again and again whenever you need further guidance. Used regularly Angel Visions will help to guide all areas of your life for the better, as well as strengthening your personal connection with the angels.

What is that kind of connection worth? Frankly, if you receive just ONE angel vision that answers your important questions, gives you clarity and direction, shows you the right path, and changes your whole life for the better, then it is worth an investment! And I believe that this package will give you many, many visions and insights into your future, as well as guiding you along your path.

I try to keep charges as low as possible, so that I can reach as many people that need and deserve this programme. However, I DO need to cover my costs. Normally I would charge £49 ($77) for such a combination of products. However, this is such an important year and the angels have asked me to keep the price low, so as many people as possible can benefit. I am therefore offering all of this – both visualisations, workbooks, and the bonuses – for the very low price of just £19.99 (approx $32). I hope you agree that’s quite an offer. However, I can only offer this to the first 100 who sign up. Once the first 100 have gone, the price will revert to its full value.


PS: Many people struggle with questions about their future. We all seek guidance. If, like me, you believe in the divine guidance of God and the angels, then I urge to you try this Angel Visions process for yourself. You will be amazed by the results and it could change your life in ways you have never imagined. And remember you have the assurance of a money-back guarantee if you feel that it isn’t quite right for you.

I offer you the love, blessings, guidance and wisdom of the angels, archangels and ascended masters.

To your joyful, peaceful and amazing future,


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